Hello! Hi! I just wanted to give you all an update!

Doko Roko Title Image TEST

I’m launching the Doko Roko Kickstarter one week from today. Tuesday, October 20th!( I have been informed that Saturday is an awful day to launch kickstarter campaigns. WHO KNEW) I’m really excited to show you folks the trailer and all the concept art me and my friends did! It’s been a crazy year working on the game in retrospect. I went from knowing very little about game development to having this crazy weird project that I can point to and say, “Whoa, look at this game I built! It’s a real thing and it moves and it breathes and it jiggles when you touch it!” I’ve got a solid plan for the direction it’s going and i’m only getting better at developing it as time goes on.  I’ve grown very attached to working on it and in some respect it’s become a strange extension of myself that I’ve gotten to share with other people.

The strangest thing was seeing it appear to resonate with people almost immediately. The Doko Roko twitter account has 2100 twitter followers at the time of me writing this and the tumblr page is fast encroaching on 1000. I’m extremely grateful it’s worked out that way and I hope the Kickstarter succeeds so I can really put in the time and effort I feel the project deserves!

I just wanted to really say thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. Sometimes developing a game can take a weird emotional toll on you and sometimes you begin to seriously wonder if all the work you’re doing is really going to be appreciated by another human person. And Well! It god darn has. It’s been appreciated by a bunch of god darn human people. And that’s a really cool feeling! That feeling has gotten be through a bunch of tough days of development! So Yeah! THIS IS GETTING LONG-WINDED AND TOUCHY FEELY SO I’M JUST GONNA SAY THANKS.

Stay hydrated! Be kind to animals! Stay weird!



One thought on “Kickstarter

  1. The image looks great here. Large, crisp and clear. Unfortunately on kickstarter is is a bit small and blurry. I think you would get more hits from showing and ingame scene such as the one in the video after he dashes for the first time.

    Also, I felt that the video got off to a really slow start – the character looks elderly and disabled. I nearly turned it off because it would be so annoying to play as such a character.

    Lucky I left it on because I love fluid action platformers.

    Best of luck with the project.


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