Okobu is a one-man independent videogame studio based in Boston, Massachusetts. My name is Eric Mack or @EricSmack on twitter. I do the art, design, programming, and business for Okobu! I am currently developing a game called Doko Roko (@DokoRokoGame or dokorokogame.tumblr.com). It’s a game about strange magicks, weird swords, and how ideas can spread and mutate over time.

I wanted to start a company that makes games.

I have ideas and they come out in drawings, and in music and in storyboards, but I have never been satisfied with these mediums. There is no interaction. You are meant to look and listen to these things, but never to interact with them. I want to make worlds that people can walk around and spend time in. I want people to discover things and poke at things and learn things and find secrets. I want the player to soak in the atmosphere of these games through osmosis and feel something.

And that’s why I’m really doing this. To take an idea that’s in my head and try to get it into yours as clearly as I possibly can. Every other mode of communication has failed me. Every form of communication is really a miscommunication. Language, written or spoken, is constantly misinterpreted and I am being misinterpreted by someone reading this right now. But video games are very good at communicating complicated things very quickly and concisely to a person.Maybe not always the right things, but the ideas themselves feel very tangible. a simulation that took someone a year to code can transmit ideas into your head instantaneously. It takes a long time to form that idea and shape it into something that can be digested by another mind, but I believe it’s worth the effort!

I am one-man studio Okobu! Drop me a line at emack500@comcast.net or @EricSmack and we can talk about games and art and other nerd shit. ❤


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