Okobu is a one-man, independent videogame studio based in Boston, Massachusetts. Eric Mack is the sole proprietor and practices occult magicks in his spare time.

Follow the development process of Doko Roko at @DokoRokoGame on Twitter and dokorokogame.tumblr.com

To read the musings of an idiot savant, follow this twitter account @EricSmack .You will gain vast wisdom and I will unabashedly call you my homie.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,

    Doko Roko is looking so awesome and beautiful. I would really love to work on the soundtrack. I have a lot of experiance and proffecional equipment.
    Please consider me if your still looking for a composer and/or sound designer.
    Ill be awaiting a response.

    Best of luck with developing the game!
    Stijn van Wakeren


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